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Wetter Fuerteventura - The weather in Fuerteventura is very constant throughout the year.
The summers are dry, sunny and windy. The north - east wind prevails, a wind that is pleasantly cool and protects us from the extreme weather conditions of the Sahara.
A gift for kite and windsurfers, surfers and sunbathers. The winters sometimes bring some gray days and in rare cases there can even be stormy downpours.
If you visit us in winter, we recommend that you don't forget a pullover and a windproof jacket in addition to swimming trunks.
On the sheltered terraces of the Coronado Beach Resort, however, temperatures of over 25° C are reached even in January.
As in all Canary Islands there is also on Fuerteventura a north - south gradient as far as the weather is concerned.
The northern part is through the north - East - wind conditionally cloudy more often than the south.
By far the most hours of sunshine on the Canary Islands are in the south of Fuerteventura, more precisely in the southernmost part of the Jandía peninsula.
That's where the Coronado Beach Resort is located, the location of our webcams, which will give you a wonderful view of the most beautiful beach on the island.

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